Alternator Motor Controller PCBs Are Here!!! buuuuut…

So… the alternator motor controller PCBs came in a little bit ago, I actually received the order by that Friday (from that Monday, they’re very quick considering the distance!). Since then I have mocked it up, but I haven’t soldered it together yet… because… 😔

I happened to make the mistake of putting the wrong size pitch terminal blocks on the board… I designed this with 3.5mm pitched blocks, but I only have 5mm pitched blocks.

Are 3.5mm blocks small, they seem really small…?

Well until I get these connectors, I am not going to solder this guy together yet. There is still the new in-box alternator I never mentioned, and want to run with this controller. I just need to create the sensor array for it, remove the voltage regulation, and find the common end on the coils…

 So there are still some things to be done before this PCB gets to run something… But doesn’t it look cool?!?!?!?

After all this, there is still the the idea that it should be doing something besides looking like a pretty circuit board that does magic to an alternator.  What should it drive? Bicycle, go-kart, a pump of some sort? I don’t know, there are a lot of applications here, my original idea was to harness the back EMF from it. I did that, but lack the tools to find out just what can come from it, and well, a go-kart sounds really fun! There is a comment section below if you have an idea!

(P.S. if you’ve got a spare go-kart, or maybe some batteries, I could totally use ’em!!!)

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